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Charity Program
well our missions is not only for bussines,we are very lucky to have the support of so many travellers that love bali as much as they do and always willing to help, We believes in God Things Coming Back to people who do good things.we call this we introduce this Charity Program.
This pogram will alows us to give back to the communities accros Bali island by providing you with an opportunity to give something back to the island that will bring
you so many happy memories during your stay.

How Visitors Can Help.
Please contact us a few month before you come to bali,Then Our Team can let you know what is required at the given time
Normally you can bring them : Clothes,shoes,jumpers,Hygiene suplies,school suplies,and Money is also well recieved by orphanages in bali for schooling.also we can together Help the very poor or disable people at the villages
Our Team will organized you for this very precius activities.

CHARITY Tours Itinerary :

– Pick Up at Hotel
– See The Traditional Barong & Kris dance
– Visit Art Village (Gold and silver smith,Batik Hand made poduction,Art Painting,wood carving)
– Visit Coffe Plantation
– Enjoy Lunch
VISIT AND GIVE CONTRIBUTION TO orphanage Cahaya Mutiara ubud
– Drop Back to hotel

Charity Tours Pick Up Time :
Pick Up Time : 08.00 am
Duration : 8 – 0 hours

Note : let us know if you want to change the time for pick up

CHARITY Tours Price :
We have two price you can choose which is the Standard Tours Price and All Include Tours Price

Standar Tours Price :
US$ 45/car (1 – 6 person)
US$ 95 /minibus (1 – 12 person)
Inclusion : Private Car + Petrol + English Speaking Driver

All Include Tours Price :
US$ 65 /person (All Include Tours Price is Quote per person for Minimum Booking 2 Person)
Inclusion : Private Car + English Speaking Driver + Petrol + Entrance Fee + Lunch Indonesian Food+Donation at the orphanage

Optional Acitivities: Lets make it up together as we travel around Bali

Our Motto is  "When you smile, we smile” Here at Travel Bali Yes we want to make you happy.

Can we help you?

- Tell us what you want to do?
- Where do you want to go and stay?
- What would you like to eat?

It is your holiday, we are here to guide you on your journey.
Travel Bali Yes provides a unique service where your holiday is about you.....

At Travel Bali Yes we look forward to meeting you.